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Who we are

Antler River Rally is a volunteer group that organizes monthly clean-ups of Deshkan Ziibi/Thames River within the City of London.

Deshkan Ziibi.JPG


We believe that a healthy river is the lifeblood of a strong community.

We strive to find the most direct way to help Londoners get involved in protecting our waterways and environmentally significant areas. We target one area of the river per rally. Volunteers are welcome to spend as much or as little time as they can afford.


ARR recognizes the many groups and individuals working towards ecological justice and environmental stewardship and seeks to build greater collaborative efforts with these initiatives.


ARR acknowledges that Indigenous peoples and Nations of this area are the original and contemporary land and water protectors. We strive to conduct this work in the spirit of gratitude and reciprocity. We respect the land, water, and all the life forms who call these places home. 


Antler River Rally: "Healthy River, Strong Community!"

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