August 15th Cleanup With Help

What a cleanup we had this month!  Look at that crowd!  And who is that in the green shirt - yes, it's our very own London Mayor Matt Brown!  Thanks to everyone for coming out.  

We got lots of trash from around the river and Ivey Park, but I think (and hope) we were able to encourage people to see that they can made a difference in their community and that there is work that needs doing.  

So what'd we find?  Yes, garbage of course, but old tires, metal stuff, construction barriers, but that's nothing compared to a big bag of soiled diapers beside the bike path and a couple boxes of encyclopedias.  Let's treat garbage like what it is, and put it where it belongs.

It was great to hear Mayor Brown express an idea that we at TRR have said a number of times; We need to cherish and care for this wonderful resource we have in our very own city - the Thames River.  Thanks to the volunteers for their hard work!  We're making it happen.