June 21st Cleanup... and that's a wrap!

Where was everbody?  Obviously not lounging around on a park bench!

We had a bunch of new volunteers, for which we are extremely grateful and with which we were able to do a fantastic clean up!  Thank you so much for giving your time and muscle and doing some great work.  It's gratifying to see others with the interest and motivation working hard and working together to make the Thames River a cleaner, nicer place.

It's also gratifying to find the park and river area looked better even before we started!  We weren't picking up trash that had been there for years.  It feels like progress is being made.  We could take 100 % of the credit for that, but maybe people are learning that the river isn't a garbage can, that we can't keep sending the problems downstream.

The Thames River is a treasure that we Londoners have right here in our back yard.  Go see it free of charge!  Say "hi" to its chlorophyll-filled oxygen factories, the paddy-pawed patrons, its scaly denizens, the feathered flockers and all the bugs!  See it, breath it, love it, cherish it and keep it clean and beautiful and lively!