ARR September Cleanup - Adelaide to Eggerton

Our next clean-up will be on Saturday, September 18th, 9:30 am to noon along the bike path from the Adelaide Street bridge to Eggerton.

Our "Staging Area" will be at Grampa and Grama's Chipwagon at 12-26 Adelaide St N.

Because of COVID restrictions, we recommend you review our Covid19 protocols. 

See you at the river!

Antler River Rally's10th Anniversary Cleanup & Creativity Contest

Antler River Rally 10th Anniversary Cleanup and Creativity Contest. Generously supported by London Environmental Network and the Urban League of London. The rules are simple---Do something to help protect/conserve the environment--Create some art that arises out of the experience.  See full details HERE 

October Cleanup

Our October cleanup will be on October 16th, locations to be determined.  Watch this space for more information.