Microcosms & Metaphors

This picture is sort of a microcosm of what we do. We go out and we clean up. 

It was blistering hot today, a sweltering, melting sort of wonderful July day and we did really well. Not so many volunteers but we worked hard and got a lot of trash out.

When we looked over the area just 5 days previous, it looked pretty clear. Some obvious pieces of trash, but it didn't seem too bad. It turns out there was lots more garbage than expected. It was the second time we pulled that baby chair out of the river's edge. Let's hope it stays in the trash where it belongs!

Here's what I think is the most interesting find/removal from the river. A Garmin GPS unit. I don't know if it was trashed or grabbed or stollen from a car or what, but it doesn't belong in the river. I see this object as sort of a metaphor for the environment. This unit, like the river is perfectly good, useful, interesting, attractive and gets trashed. It doesn't have to be this way. Please respect the river and keep it clean through our life times, for our children's lifetimes, for all future children's lifetimes.