May Day

Not the largest bunch of volunteers out this time, but as usual, we found some garbage and had to put some muscle in to remove it. Veni vidi vici! Nice work, Thames River Rally-ers!

So what'd we get?  Apart from several garbage bags full, we pulled out a pair of shopping carts, a folding display and what was probably a 32" cathode ray tube TV. That thing weighed a ton! Good thing it wasn't right down in the river. 

The river, let alone the environment, is a lot cleaner and more beautiful without junk fouling it up. If you have an old tv or any other trash that you don't know what to do with, please take to to a proper disposal depot.  Click HERE to find out where the depots are and what they take. Also, some churches or other organizations have e-waste containers provided at different times throughout the year.

We're in this together.  Let's work together to make it better.