Cleanup Aisle Four!

When we inspected the site a few days before the cleanup, the river was low, and we saw three shopping carts on the muddy flats by the water.  We wanted to get at least two of them out and hoped it wouldn't rain.  Rain would have both postponed our cleanup and perhaps raised the water level thus making the removal difficult or impossible. 

Fortunately the rain held off (but it was humid and HOT!!!) and so we were able to get the two carts we'd set our sights on as well as the third that was nearby.  We found the forth further up river and thanks to the muscled volunteers, we got 'em all out!

We also pulled out several garbage bags of trash, cushions, metal, a hammock in a bag, assorted blankets, a tarp and an air conditioner's carapace - good as a box for filling with other trash.   

We've said it before and we'll say it again, thanks to the great volunteers!  You're strong, you're energetic, you're most needed and more than that, we wouldn't be able to do it without you.